Monday, February 25, 2008

My Bliss

I live in the living room of my parents house, I have been planning my own room for quite a while now, but have not started to take down the old walls yet (which is an important step before new walls can go up). Here are some pictures of where I sleep and store my stuff as of now.

This is my bed, right nest to the couch.

The really old computer the children have games on to play, my bed, and my dresser. You see the front door? Welcome to my bedroom! oh wait this is the living room, not fun to live in the living room.

Which brings me to my bliss, the act I am doing is not necessarily the blissful part. It is the result of my act that is going to be the blissful part.

Here is how I spent my 2 hours and 40 minutes in bliss, it all starts like this.

I have materials just sitting around

My old door and my new door, I gotta get this going.

This is my old window still in with my new window under it,
The new window is going to be so nice

More materials,........
Time to get started.

Getting ready to start yanking the wall down.

I couldn't get the nail out, man what kind of nails are these?

Damn nails!

The nails never did come out, so I yanked it off!!!

Ya know, before this I didn't know that this is what siding looked like on the inside,...
pretty crappy.

And the walls come down!

So much done, so much more to do!

And I am done for the day, 2 hours and 40 minutes to accomplish nearly nothing,
at least it's a start.
I'll keep up to date improvements as they happen!

What the bleep do we know?

After we watched the movie, I had so many things running through my head. The part about water really got me thinking. I have so many problems that I cannot seem to control, and the explanation of addiction totally made sense to me. I have tried to think of things differently everyday, and for the most part I think the different point of view does help keep me in check. I really liked the movie, I think that I might try to find the sequel so I can see what it has to say, Many of the ideas they had are things I have thought about in depth for a very long time, I feel that hearing their point of view helps bring clarity to a fuzzy world, I will probably watch it again. I think that the ultimate message for me through it was, you are what you think you are; and thoughts are the most powerful tool we have. I love the human mind, with all of it's simplicity and complexity. What an amazing organ!

Monday, February 18, 2008

beastly woman at McDonalds

I am sure that more interesting things will happen to me today, but I thought I would share what has happened so far. I took my children to McDonald's for lunch today, and we had to get their lunch my lunch and my mom and dad something for lunch. Well in all the scramble of remembering all I was supposed to buy I forgot to get me a large sweet tea. So I calmly get back in line (my food has not even come yet) and I wait patiently to oder my tea. There is a very large beastly trailer park trash looking woman in front of me who also has her really fat nasty husband with her and like four children (who amazingly looked healthy). I wait and my children are a little jumpy so I coax them to stand still that I am waiting in line, well at this point we are now waiting behind the very large nasty woman who has to corrupt all her children with soda pop. After she fills all six cups with ice and fills all six cups with soda, I am finally given the right to approach the ice machine, she turns to me and asks me, "you don't have many patience do you?" I stared in amazement, what? I said. Did I offend you because I am an excitable person and I was waiting behind you? she answers yes you did offend me, I sarcastically replied well I am so sorry, please accept me apology for offending you. you big fat B****! I continue to mumble because at this point I am offended and furious, I mumbled something like well you don't have much common sense do ya, she hears me and replies excuse me, and I looked back at her and said well you don't have any common sense that was so rude of you! I got my stuff and left the building wishing that I knew which car was hers cause it wouldn't be a good car anymore. (probably good I didn't know). Just venting for a moment, thought everyone would get a good laugh out of this one, nasty twit didn't need to be eating McDonald's anyway, and I know she didn't need the caffeine the soda had in it. Truth be known she was probably insecure about whether or not I was being impatient cause she knew she was taking forever at the only ice machine in the building. Maybe some milk might have been a better choice for her young children than soda. I dunno just some thoughts I had.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday,... The cleaning of the fish tank.

Today we cleaned out our dirty nasty fish tank, I forget about the fish all the time cause unlike dogs or cats they don't remind you of anything. My cat will meow and become really annoying real fast if he wants out or wants food, and the dogs are always bugging especially if you have food. So it is hard to forget about them. But the fish don't do anything but quietly swim so I tend to forget about them, to feed them or clean their tank so today was a big day. Today was the day that we had to move the poor little fish and clean the tank completely, removing the old rocks and all. I didn't take a before picture, but now I wish I had cause it would have made these pictures so much more valuable.
This is our newly cleaned fish tank!

I washed this eal thingy and some of the paint came off.

This is my snail guy saying "no fishing!".

One more of our clean fish tank before we put the fish back in it, So I bet you wonder where are the fish that was in it now?

Here they are in this itty bitty teeny weeny fish bowl, I bet they are going crazy in there.

Saturday (tore my fence up!)

I started to write last night (which I forgot to finish) about my friends naggy boyfriend, then I fell asleep. I am counting this posting as my Saturday posting cause thats when I started it.

I have something to share with you all for real now!

We live on a street that has four houses on it, and it is a dead end street. We just got new neighbors a couple weeks ago in all the other three houses. One house on our street has the problem I complain about most with my neighbors, too much traffic to their house. Well this is one very good reason I don't like neighbors. You see I am pretty sure they party over there, so I imagine that they got to drunk and went to go home in their big black or grey colored van or truck (both have been seen there) backed into my driveway to turn around but wasn't a good backup driver, and tore the literal crap out of my fence.

I also got some pictures of the paint they leaft behind on our fence from their vehicle. For your enjoyment here they are.

In the drunkin stuper they must have been in a hurry to leave frearing they had already been caught and bumped my van as well.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I got all my flash home work done, yea me! I sold my first book on amazon, yea me again!
I didn't really do anything fun or cool but somehow it was a good day anyway. I spent the day working on my computer, but the one thing that was different than any other time was that I did not have the TV playing in the background to keep me company. I don't know about everybody else but I usually leave the TV on as if it is my company or something. Felt kind of good to leave it off all day, and I got a whole lot less distracted. I was lonely though, with out the constant voices coming from my very favorite appliance. I began to think that if it had feelings it might be lonely too, because it is so used to being used, maybe it would feel neglected, oh well i guess. Just some random thoughts I had today.

Some random Tv pictures, they made me think of how my TV might have felt since I didn't use it today!
This is a depressed TV!

This is a TV thinking about ending it all!

This is a TV that did!

Just kidding, but it was funny any how!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day! showing off my valentines

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I spent the day with my Father, and the evening at home with my kids. They were my valentines this year, they make me feel so loved. I don't know what I would do without my family. I just wanted to blog about how I felt this year on this Hallmark Holiday! This to me is a really fake and silly holiday, until now at least. Sharing this day with people I am sure care about me somehow made it feel more special, funny how things work themselves out. I honestly couldn't be happier in pretty much any way. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Life is truly amazing.

This is one of my little Valentines this year!

My other Valentine this year.

They thought the bathroom was a good place to take a picture but I thought they looked cute anyway.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The forgotten blog

I forgot to write my blog yesterday :( Oh well. I am writing in to say that I forgot.

I was reading online today that they know where the mythical creature the unicorn came from, apparently there is a whale the goes a single spiraled tooth or tusk it is only in the males too. As the paper read traders would bring in the tooth not knowing what it was and would sell it, stories grew and it became that it was from a horse, know body really knew where it came from as the tooth fell out by the time people got to it, nobody saw the animal with the tooth attached.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What moves me? I like the word Inspires better.

I was wondering around on Google images, looking for things that made me think. I found one! Really I found many many images that move me or as I like to say it Inspire me. Here are a few.

I am a huge fan of anything that is not real, I hate reality.

I found something that made me feel like part of my fascination with fairies came true for about five minutes, This picture inspires me because somebody took the time to create a life like piece that looks like a dead fairy. I know how morbid, but you know what for a second I could justify my favorite saying "I do believe in fairies I do, I do". The item you see was made in England by a man wanting to help people believe in things that are not real, he admits to it being fake now, but wow what great job, I even had my sister believing in it for a few minutes before I told her the truth.

This image is what I think of when my dad tells me something weird like go to your Happy Place! (he got that off of Happy Gilmore). This is what I think of when I think of my Happy Place!

Tasha's Happy Place

This picture moves me because it is so peaceful, and yet so full of action. If this was real it is truly one place I could sit for hours and not get bored.

This was my favorite movie growing up, Legend. It has everything that inspires me maidens, heroes, goblins, devils, unicorns, fairies just everything. Magic all over the place. I think that things like this is part of why I have the imagination I have now.

scene from the movie Legend

This picture if you don't already know came from the old cartoon the last unicorn, this was also a favorite, it was my favorite cartoon growing up. I love this kind of stuff. If it is magical I am into it, this inspires me when I look at it because I remember how I thought of things when I was little, I used my imagination all the time then, and if I knew then what I know now I would be rich by now, but instead what I knew then I don't know now, which kind of hurts me and my ability to create now. I like to remember as much as I can from years past so that I can harness that incredible energy I had back then.

This movie was so creative that it captivated me at a very young age, I used to dream about it years after I had seen it, and I didn't even know I had seen it or what it was. This to me is way cool, if something can embed itself into a child's mind, something has to be inspirational about it. They did a great job being creative when they made this one, I wish I could come up with something as creative as this one.

Ellen inspires me, she is always optimistic and funny. Her show always brightens my day, I love to listen to her monologues.

She just turned fifty, and I think she is a lot smarter than everybody takes her for. Sometimes I get really mad, and I remember one monologue, she was talking about how we make decisions every day, why don't we choose to just be happy. It made sense to me, so now every time I get mad I think of what Ellen said, we can choose to just be happy.

One last montage of things that inspire me are the wondrous photographs that Ann Geddes creates. I say creates because she doesn't just take pictures, she creates them. It is like she travels to another world to take her photos, so beautiful.

Sometimes I look at these photos and I can't believe that these are real children.

Her imagination must work overtime to come up with some of these.

I love this last one; it looks like these babies came straight down from heaven.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Monday February 4th 2008

Class today, hmmmm. Well what can I say, I had a unique experience. I actually had fun though. We went outside, and were told not to leave the block but have a unique experience, so I stood there and talked to other students. Not really what I was supposed to do I guess, but after a while we went inside and we wanted to go up to the balcony, they said no, that was a bummer, but we got free long sleeved T-shirts, yea! Anyways, then me and another girl went to the freight elevator to go back to the right floor, I had never been in that elevator so I wanted to see what it was like. I like that one better; if I need to ride an elevator in that building again I will go to that one. Then we couldn't find our teacher; I had left my drink in the class and was getting really thirsty, oh well. We sat around and talked some more. I talk to people that day that I had never talked to before, it was really kind of cool. I liked talking to new people. Later another student came up the stairs and told us to come down with him to where everybody was hiding from us. We got down there and we all talked about our unique experiences, it was funny, and I had a good time. I really do look forward to what we will do in that class because I never know what to expect, and I like it that way.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I felt last week when we were watching videos like I was at home late at night watching adult swim on cartoon network, I even kinda dosed off for a few a couple times. When ever I see cartoons like the one we saw I automatically dose off, to funny. I really like the last one we saw though, the cathedral I think it was called, I have seen it before, I don't understand it but it is cool.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Favorite What If.

I was reading all the what if's posted by other class members and I ran across one that I couldn't get out of my head, I see this crap everyday and I couldn't help it I had to choose this what if - What If everytime you did something wrong it ended up on the news? Well, then I would have to say I would be a celebrity, and a crappy one at that. But people would enjoy me and my shenanigans. So, I made a little movie tribut to some of my favorite celebrity screw ups, woo hoo!!!!