Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My sense assignment

Like everyone else I just was drawing a blank with this one, so I did what I am pretty sure I am able to do absolutely best for me in the world, and I surfed the Internet with my best friend Google and found some really cool ideas on how to use your senses to help your creativity, I thought well that's just wonderful just what I was looking for. The site is Pretty cool I thought. Any how there were so many suggestions that I had to choose from I decided to do a couple things. First, I went to the liquor store across the street, my mom is the manager there so I gets perks, ha ha. of the subject, anyhow. I got a flat wine bottle so I could empty out the bottle and add water. I took the labels off with goo gone (love the stuff) and dried it all off I walked around not continuously but frequently looked through the bottle so I could see my surroundings differently, some things looked like their were multiples of them some things just looked blurred, my dog even looked like she had a hundred legs as she walked toward me (she is a daschound) and she was dark so to me she looked like a spider. It was fun. some of my blurry photos.

This is one of those blur photos that look like multiple things. The fans to me look like there are more than what really exists to me, maybe it's just me, ha ha I don't know. But regardless, I see more than what are really there. There are two fans there, if you don't see more then it must be me. Any hoo another photo.

This just adds a little mystery to what it really is, I can see stuff, but I am not really ---------->
able to tell what most of the things are. anway. Next

This one to me looks like something else is there up by the ceiling.

Now, I got this idea going, I wondered the infamous "what if" question again what if we saw everything upside down and it was naormal for us to see that way. things would stand up they would hang down, trees woundn't grow up they would also hang down, for your veiwing pleasure.