Monday, January 28, 2008

What If?

1. What if – health food tasted as good as junk food?
2. What if – children listened to their parents the first time they were told something?
3. What if – I was able to always remember everything I was supposed to get done?
4. What if – people learned how to really drive?
5. What if – dogs could talk to humans?
6. What if – every day was a good hair day?
7. What if – the people in other cars could understand what I was saying?
8. What if – I could hear music whenever I wanted?
9. What if – cats could talk?
10. What if – cars didn’t need gasoline?
11. What if – every human could love each other like dogs love their owners?
12. What if – humans missed each other like dogs miss their owners?
13. What if – it was warm everywhere all year?
14. What if – the sky was purple?
15. What if – frogs didn’t rib bit, but mooed instead?
16. What if – there was a real pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?
17. What if – weeds became intelligent and took over the world?
18. What if – aliens were real and were friendly?
19. What if – aliens were real and were evil?
20. What if – people could walk on top of water?
21. What if – there was no gravity?
22. What if – cars could drive themselves?
23. What if – there were never any new potholes?
24. What if – there was still old fashioned pirates?
25. What if – everyone had to tell the truth all the time?
26. What if – everybody could hear what everybody else was thinking?
27. What if – there is another world war?
28. What if – people could fly?
29. What if – dreams could come to life?
30. What if – fairies really exist?
31. What if – this isn’t the only level of consciousness we can exist in?
32. What if – people’s imagination became reality?
33. What if – fruit was bad for you?
34. What if – you could see the air?
35. What if – other people ran on your time?
36. What if – we all had two left or two right feet?
37. What if – we all walked on our hands?
38. What if – I could travel through time?
39. What if – we didn’t have to pay the electric bill?
40. What if – the sun rose in the west and set in the east?
41. What if – rain came from the ground up to the sky?
42. What if – animals were bright neon colors?
43. What if – trees stopped growing leaves?
44. What if – fish could talk?
45. What if – the boogy man is real?
46. What if – we could travel on the wind?
47. What if – everybody cared?
48. What if – we were born knowing everything?
49. What if – we were all the same in every way?
50. What if – I learned something everyday?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Fork - Jan. 7 2008

I was sent home with a fork today, and I really did not know what to do with it, she said blog about this fork, it is your first assignment. I came home and went to my sister samantha and held up the fork and said, "look sam this is my home work!" She looked at it and replied, " your home work is a spoon." I could have died laughing, I said, " no, I looked at the fork funny, no it's not a spoon." It was so funny I figured that it had served it purpose for the day. I laid it down on the counter and it seems to be a popular item around the house today, cause then my son got a hold of it and was using it to lift the box of easy mac up and down, he said, " look mom it's talking." so much activity for this simple little fork. I told him to quit it and thus far it has stayed where I left it, no telling if it will be there in the morning.