Thursday, April 24, 2008

20 Zdenek's in 20 States UPDATE

I received my very first response to my postcards in my connections assignment and thought I should tell you all of my excitement!

Andrew from New Jersey got back with me. His email went like this:

Hello from New Jersey!

I got the postcard you sent.

That was very unexpected, but also very nice. Thank You.

It made me smile and gave me something interesting to talk about. It's definitely not something that happens everyday.

As you suggested, I'll be sure to do something nice for someone else and help uphold the reputation of the great name of Zdenek : )

I'm just wondering how you were inspired to send it? Is this part of a project you're working on? Are we possible related in some way? Or are you just really outgoing and nice?

Thanks again, and I hope things are going good for you as well.

Thank you Andrew!

I was hoping that someone would be surprised pleasantly by the beautiful Post Cards I sent out!

I connected with someone, Yay me!


dthayes said...

Hey, Congratulations. That's awesome. Hopefully he's not a creep that tracks you down. Good luck on the rest

dkasberg said...

That is super cool!!!

Fallenangel434 said...

Hey I think this is GREAT!!! It's neat to see people step out and do what they want. Maybe you are related....

somethingWeird said...

That's awesome! I was hoping you'd get a response from someone!