Monday, April 28, 2008

My Final Project, ... for this class

When I started thinking about this project I wanted to do something to do with harmony. I started out thinking how can I show harmony as I see it. So I made a rose on the ground with a little bumble bee on it out of clay. I thought, this symbolizes harmony for me. The bee needs the flowers pollen, and the flower needs the bee to take the pollen. The circle of life, I was going to paint it and have it fired but it didn't make it. This is what it looked like before it fell apart.

So, after the tragedy of my rose and bee breaking. I crushed it up, added water, and began again.
This time I was thinking, how can I really show harmony from my point of view. I knew I wanted to use clay to do this project because I love working with clay. But what could I do to show harmony? Well the most harmonious thing around my house is my white shepard dog Sugar and my orange cat Garfield. They give each other kisses, play together, and sleep next to each other often.

This is them sitting together. Aren't they so cute? Heres a couple more just for fun.

Aww, they are so cute. It is funny how well they get along though. Garfield was born here, so this has always been his home. When we got Sugar though, Garfield wasn't very happy at all. Sugar was huge even when she was a puppy. Garfield thought for sure we had brought a kitty eating machine home. He had a real hard time coming out from the back of the house for more than two weeks. He would sneak out leaning against the walls the whole way, then scurrying out quickly just to go to the litter box and to get food. He hated this big thing we brought home, I think he hated us for bringing Sugar home for a while. Sugar always got excited when she saw Garfield even though he hated her. We think she always knew that they would be great friends someday. She was right! Now Garfield loves her so much that they hang out together all the time.
Enough about all that, this is what I made to symbolize harmony in my household.

This is the best story I have to describe not judging a book by it's cover. Our cat was judging our new puppy by it's very large cover, but he couldn't have been more wrong about her. And now they live happy in harmony together. Once enemies now friends forever.

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spyroterra said...

That is great. I especially love that the "generic" project about harmony fell apart and gave itself to this, much more successful, imho, personal interpretation of your concept! Somehow I think you will cherish that little sculpture because of what it says to you!