Monday, April 14, 2008

20 Zdenek's in 20 states

I decided that for the connections assignment I would connect with 20 random people with the same last name as me. My last name is unusual I thought so this should be interesting. I found 20 people with the last name spelled the same way as me in 20 different states across America. I got 20 post cards and I am sending them to the 20 people. I always get so excited when I get something cool in the mail, especially if it isn't a bill, or some jerk asking for money. So my daughter and I went to a store and picked out the prettiest 20 post cards we could find. I wrote a simple message telling them I hope that this brightens their day, and if it did to try to brighten someone else's day. Because I know that if I am in a good mood other people around me seem to be in a good mood as well. If these people set out in a good mood other people should be in an equally good mood. I wished them well, and let them know that if something really amazing happened to them as a result of this I would want to hear about it. I gave two address I could be reached at. I hope I hear something from one of them, that would be so cool.

Hear are some photos I took of my post cards.


spyroterra said...

How cool! I wish I was a Zdenek!

modestalchemist said...

me too...

This seems like a really fun project. I wish i would have thought of something this neat. I mean my grandad is the only one left on one side of the family who knows anything about where we came from, and he's going nuts... i should write to all the piercy's i can find and try to make connections.